I’m Mike Nicholson, a Consumer Psychologist and Professor in Marketing at Durham University Business School. Here I blog about my two main interests, evolutionary psychology and shopper marketing, together with innovative ways of integrating the two.

I’m particularly interested in the three essential ingredients of successful shopper marketing: the motivations which draw us to the retailer, priming us to seek out a product; the emotional responses which cause us to favour one brand of that product over another; and the decision biases that ‘nudge’ us to buy.

Usual health warnings etc. apply…. All views expressed are my own personal ones, not those of any institution.

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The Collie Wears Prada

My dog Martha, pictured here collecting firewood, is well-and-truly spoilt. She has enough toys to start a store with and a very extensive wardrobe. She has several traditional dog coats, a couple of fetching hoodies, and her own baseball cap.  She even got her own Barbour jacket for Christmas this year! But why do we … Continue reading The Collie Wears Prada